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  • Diana M. Will

Something Big Is Coming

The Aha Moment; That one that you hear and know is for you. The one that guides your next steps. The one that you know will make people mad. The one that could change your life, your families life, the people who matter to you. The one that shakes you. The one that is LOUD and CLEAR.

The roadblocks to my next step have been real. Deceit, let downs, highs and lows, prayers, breakthroughs, God's perfect timing, his plan. Every time I felt like I was getting close to putting a team together, I got knocked down. After a few slammed doors, I really began questioning myself. Was this the right decision? Is this the right timing? Can I do this? Do I deserve this? Why am I doing this? And, after lots of prayers and pleading, it was abundantly clear how my prayers were being answered. Definitely not how I would have planned my steps, but so reassuring how he had them already planned! I was going through sermon notes and one from November struck a chord with me. I don't even know if I knew at the time of the valley how this message was for me. 8 months later- I see it.

Dream dreams that God would have for you. YES.

Find JOY in not being where you used to be even though we aren't where we need to be. YES.

God always has a 'why' behind the 'what is going on'. YES.

Greater is a shift in our mindset. We are defined by our ability to bounce back. YES.

If you are reading this, you know I am JWRE. I love everything about JWRE. In October 2017, we began talking about how I could serve the JWRE tribe at a higher level. Mortgage is the next obvious step and a step that I feel is one of the greatest challenges of our industry. I have always loved numbers and took an interest in mortgages early on. So, we began the journey. GOODNESS, was I tested!

About a year ago, I met with an agent who I really really liked! She didn't pick us and it definitely stung! haha. She has been in the mortgage/banking industry for about 12 years and that is really where her heart is. In May, we reconnected. I had real estate recruiting on the brain and she had mortgage on the brain. As she drove to my office, she prayed about how to bring up the fact that she wanted us to go into the mortgage business together. What she didn't know was that I had passed my mortgage loan originators test the day before! Before I knew it, I blurted out, have you ever considered going back into mortgage? Then she told me, I prayed the whole way here about how to bring up the fact that I really want to do mortgages again!

One of my very regular prayers is that God will show me and guide me with people; for the right people to stay and the wrong people to go. IT.IS.CRAZY. I rarely see it in the moment. Looking back now, seeing the slammed doors, I know it was answered prayers. It's never easy but I am grateful for the opportunity to run my race and for the people who fan my flames.

I recently had someone facebook message me to thank me because I inspired her to go for her dreams and not to give up and that our social media posts along with the death of her Mom, made her realize that life is too short to not follow your dreams! I was totally blown away and deeply touched by her note and it just reminded me to keep pushing. The breakthroughs happen after the breakdowns.

Today, I am in Charlotte, North Carolina training at Movement Mortgage Headquarters. A company who stands for beliefs that I stand for, a company who gives abundantly, a company who does things differently, a company who attracts amazing people.

Today I am grateful for the slammed doors, the trials, the ability to see over the fence and see how the plan was orchestrated.

Today I am proud to announce my partnership with Movement Mortgage.

Movement Mortgage- Fairhope

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