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  • Diana M. Will


I may or may not be a conference junkie. Some are better than others. This one was ok...until this guy got on stage. HOLY COW. It blew my mind. He very quickly put into perspective just how fast this world is changing and how technology is making it go faster than we can efficiently keep up with. Technology is the 4th Industrial Revolution. It's time to pivot and embrace it.

This speaker and his words really affected my thought process and interrupted patterns for me. I wanted to share his "rules".

1. When given a choice, choose both! 2. "NO" simply means begin again at one level higher. 3. Patience is a virtue, but persistence is a blessing. 4. The squeaky wheel gets replaced. 5. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. 6. An expert opinion is not the final word. 7. Most breakthroughs begin as crazy ideas. 8. If it were easy, it would have been done already. 9. The world's most precious resource is a passionate mind.

So many times we listen to words by people who we should not be listening to. I am so guilty of it. Spending the last 8 years immersed in learning and conferences has allowed me to become keenly aware of what I am absorbing. I challenge you to do the same.

Disrupt YOUR pattern.

Replace the squeaky wheel.

Take advice from those who you would change places with.

Push for what is right for YOU.

Do the crazy thing.

Choose BOTH.

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