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I Quit.

You heard me. I quit. It's done. I did it. The goal. Completion. I'm out. YYYYYAAAAASSSS.

Follow your passion. You've heard the saying. You've said the saying. Do you hear the saying? Do you live the saying? I'm going too and I'm going to share my journey.

In 2010, after having Cami, I knew it was time to leave the safety net of the "real job" to support my man (so much more on him to come) in his real estate adventure and that is exactly what it has been- an adventure. It's been full of ups and downs, shenanigans, heart break, rumors, dreams, fulfillment, excitement, failures and successes. Massive successes. Early on I knew deep down this wasn't my jam, but he was, and oh how he STILL is. I've always been a do-er and saw that need in what he was building so I jumped in and did everything and anything that needed to happen to see his vision come to life. I sold real estate, I built systems, I ran the business, I paid the bills, I recruited, I was a transaction coordinator, compliance coordinator, the broker, an owner, the CFO, the office manager, the janitor, the organizer, and the therapist, and the complaint department. Also- see definition for Mom and wife. The job descriptions are endless but my desire to support Jason outweighed the duties for a long time. It was an honor to help him build this and see his vision in real life.

We travel. A LOT. And that is life. I get alone time with Jason, I get to explore, and I get to refresh and energize my soul with high level thinkers. A LOT. Lately this "follow your passion" that I keep hearing and reading has been hanging in my heart. At Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within I said it out loud and it felt so good. This isn't my passion. And in typical Jason form, he went straight to support mode and let's fix this. I love him so much.

One of the things I admire most about Jason is how he doesn't let anything get in his way. He is so driven to accomplish his goals. It's inspiring. I wanted to help him, so I stayed and I don't regret a single day, a single decision, a single worrisome day. All worth it. All amazing. Seeing him so fulfilled in his passion gives me more joy than I deserve. I'm so proud of him. I'm so proud that he is mine.

When he speaks something into existence, I brace for impact. I am not lying. I know when he is serious and I know it's coming. Fast and Furious. Sometimes he will even say, we will ease into this. I finally started calling him out on it. That's a lie. It's fast and furious and fun. His next idea was what led to my "quitting". A national real estate conference. Ummmmm. Ok. Who? What? Where? How? What money? Who? That is my typical reactions because he thinks of none of those things. Just a massive idea spoken into existence. Mic Drop & exit. "They'll figure it out" I know that is what he thinks, and guess what...we do.

Soul searching. I'm a thinker, a do-er, a show-er, a builder and a pleaser. He is a big thinker. A dreamer. And a sharer. I internalize and he throws it on social. A perfect combination.

Our small real estate company that started with his Step Dad's brokers license, 4 agents (including us) and zero clues of what to do has grown so rapidly that it is BIG. Too big for me to keep small. Too big for me to control. It's outgrown me. It's time. And I am so proud that it has. The culture of JWRE has attracted the most amazing leaders and they are carrying the torch and leading the tribe to awesomeness. I L.O.V.E. watching people achieve their dreams and grow. It is BEYOND anything one can imagine to see a family build a legacy, to work together, have legit family time. To see agents who were never given the resources that THEY need to find success in this crazy space. To see people achieve financial freedom, to pay their mortgage, to alleviate stress at home, to finally taking that vacation. THAT IS LIFE.

Onward to new exciting experiences and to following my passion. This isn't an easier said than done moment. I'm not sure that is actually easy to say or do. Passion is your back up generator when all your other energy sources start to sputter- Gary Vee.

I encourage you to go find your energy source, run your race and rock your hustle.

Much Love.

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