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  • Diana M. Will

Love is a verb.

I have been catching myself being completely overwhelmed with some of "the little things" that sometimes put that lump in my throat. I stay up in my emotions. I get that from my Mama. I used to try to hide my emotions, I still do sometimes, but as I grow, I remember that my ability to care, love, and cry is my super power.

Do you ever have those recurring themes happen to you? Like work, a podcast, church, your attention- it all lines up? I typically take notice of when that happens. Current theme=love.

I just got back from a work trip- new work, new company, new people, new experiences. One of the cultural values at Movement Mortgage is Love, and it goes on to say, "Love is a verb". Isn't that awesome? LOVE.IS.A.VERB! Love is doing. Love is serving. Love is action. Upon my return there was a big heavy box on the front porch with the contents being an ice machine. Not just any ice machine. The "GOOD ICE" machine! You know what ice I speak of. The sonic ice. The coveted ice. Check your pulse if you don't know about this ice.

I love ice and I love my yeti. Ice in a yeti makes noises and it kind of drives Jason nuts. But, I love ice and I love my yeti and it keeps my ice for so long, which only increases the length of time that it makes the noises. Maybe he is secretly hoping that the smaller ice cubes will clank less. I'll report back on this discovery.

Anyway, the ice maker. I come home to an ice maker that he bought for me, knowing full and well that it will likely drive him nuts until the ice maker dies. He bought it for me because he knew it would make me happy. That is love. Love is doing for others even when it is not your favorite thing to do, or even if you know someone will be clanking the ice for the rest of their days.

On a separate occasion Jason left a coffee mug for me on the Keurig pot. I sent him a text thanking him and I am sure some mushy something about how I love doing life with him and how sexy he is. He responded with, It's just a coffee mug. With that throat lump, I smiled and thought it's so much more than a coffee mug. It's love, it's thoughtfulness, it's servant hearted. It's my love language.

Anytime we pull up to our house after dark and the front porch light is on, I smile. I took the time to tell Cami that when she turns 45 and starts dating that she should look for someone who is thoughtful like her Daddy, someone who turns the front porch light on for you when you aren't home. Still to this day, if we are out after dark (it's rare, don't judge me) and the front porch light is on, she smiles too. She says, well, he was thinking about us. Yes, he was.

It's funny what an ice maker in a box can turn into. This isn't a post to brag on my husband, our relationship or an ice maker. It's a reminder to do for others. To love unconditionally. To love without self seeking. It's my reminder to love like J loves me and like Christ loves us all.


Is Patient

Is Kind

does not envy

does not boast

is not proud

does not dishonor others

is not self seeking

is not easily angered

keeps no record of wrongs

does not delight in evil

rejoices with the truth

always protects

always trusts

always hopes

always perseveres

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

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