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  • Diana M. Will

Do the crazy thing.

Have you ever had an idea or heard an idea that is totally insane to you? Then the more you think about it, the less crazy it becomes. Then you start to work on it and it becomes your normal.

Impact Agent: A privately funded real estate conference created for agents, by agents. It's crazy, It's insane, It's happening.

This conference idea was born while Jason was at a Grant Cardone 10X conference in February 2018. He told me his idea, I brushed it off, as I do, to see if the idea would stick. The following month, we were in San Jose for a Tony Robbins UPW event. We committed. It stuck.

We have attended lots of events: real estate, wealth, health, personal development, marriage and we know what we like. We decided to take all the best parts of past conferences and what we miss and create Impact Agent University.

The inaugural conference is April 11-12, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. We typically fly to big cities for conferences, so we are so excited to bring this event to one of our favorite cities in the South, NOLA. This city has such a pulse, culture, strength and has overcome so much. It's funky, fun, and has the best food you'll ever experience. No better location to create Impact.

Because we attend so many events, VIP is usually on the radar for us. We like easy, roomy, and a great comfy seat. The VIP options for this conference are beyond!

My favorite features of VIP are:

Upfront comfortable classroom seating: Tables are life.

Private VIP lounge with access to the Speakers

Private catered lunches with Jon Cheplak and Sharran Srivatsaa: The most abundant leaders ever.

Comfy seating: Yes. Life. Coffee and a couch.

Coffee Bar with Barista: you know those Starbucks lines are bananas!

Charging stations: I go sit on the floor on the wall to charge.

I recently finished the book, "Love Does" by Bob Goff. It's amazing. Super amazing. The best book I've ever read. This paragraph was a sweet reminder of this crazy journey.

"Jesus doesn't invite us on a business trip. Instead, He say's let's go after those things that inspire you and challenge you and let's experience them together. You don't need a lot of details or luggage or equipment, just a willingness to go into a storm with a Father who's kicking footholds into the steep sides of our problems while we kick a couple in ourselves too. He guides us into those footholds with His strong hands while we're safely tethered to Him by a bright red rope of grace, which holds us securely. Somehow in all of this, the terrain we navigate doesn't seem as scary either, because when we're on an adventure with God we're too excited to be afraid and too engaged to be thinking of anything else".

So, here is to this crazy adventure. Come with us:

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