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  • Diana M. Will

Consume or Create.

Recently became obsessed with The Rise podcast. It's so good. Her guests are amaze and so is Rachel. Most of these people I've never heard of and may not have ever heard of them and they have powerful stories. I love finding platforms where the creative voice is shared and used for the good of the consumer. I love being creative. I love finding beauty in the chaos of life and tough situations. I love deep thinking. I love my people who go deep with me. I love deliberate decisions. I love thoughtful processing. The noise is loud lately. It's everywhere. Social. Text. Email. Voicemail. Missed calls. Notifications. Reminders. Messenger. Comments. Posts. It's so easy to fall into the trap of the noise. As soon as I pick up my phone it gets loud, yet I do it everyday. First. With the intention of my devotion that gets sidetracked by all the above. Why is it when I know what it will do that I still do it? WWWHHHYYYY. Everytime I let the noise in first, my creative dissapates. It's not intentional either, it just happens. Having the integrity to check it is wisdom, but how do you quiet the noise, really? A few things I am going to do: Do not disturb on my phone until 7 am. Commuting to my morning routine. Journal my gratitude and thoughts. Start running again. It's disturbing how fast noise will take over your brain and distract you from your plans and goals. One day turns into one week, then fifty two weeks then your entire life. I am going to actively create before I consume, which means my feet have to hit the floor before everyone else's. If I don't have 10 hours per week to take care of myself then am I really living or is life just happening around me? I am committing to not being a slave to noise any longer. Join me.

xoxo: DW

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