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You ever get in a room with someone and realize the magnitude of their existence? It happens to me everytime I go to a learning based activity, but I distinctly remember my first experience with Tom Ferry. It was my first Tom Ferry event and as luck would have it, I went alone. Jason already had something on his calendar and couldn’t attend. It was so last minute that the venue was sold out...I hopped on a plane loaded with anxiety. It turned out to be one of the best conferences I’d attended due to the fact that I was forced out of my comfort zone. The people in his circle, his coaches, his clients, his love for the real estate industry doesn’t compare to anything I’ve ever experienced.

Our new Team+ Coach always makes the most of the time together and lines up an incredible dinner with his clients. It’s one of the best things about hanging out with amazingly smart people. I walked in, knew no one and wanted to die. Haha. I’m for real, it’s such a struggle. I instantly said hi to Mark and we became fast friends. He is amazing. New-ish to the business, crushing it in the big market of San Diego and doing it with style and while having fun.

Towards the end of dinner I forced myself down to the end of our table and met D.j. and Lindsey, the hardworking sassy team/couple from Jacksonville, FL. They had so much going on in their business and had just launched a glitter vodka business...I kept thinking just how much I loved entrepreneurs. People who just love to throw ideas against the wall and see what sticks. It gives me a sense of thrill, joy and a reminder to play bigger.

What a good move that proved to be. Before leaving that event I had connected with amazing players in the real estate space, formed a mastermind, and gained friends that I will always be connected to and always support.

Attending events will only ever going be as good as the effort you put in, but I can promise you that the people that go to these conferences are the smartest, kindest and coolest people on the planet. Go connect. Go get out of your comfort zone. Just go.

For the next big event that needs to be on your calendar: Come mastermind with the best and the brightest!

Learning is Life!

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