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I had the opportunity to experience Jon Cheplak for a brief 15 minutes in a Vegas Tom Ferry Mastermind Event. That's one of my favorite things about being in a circle of badasses...It's FULL of badasses and you usually get the opportunity to meet said BA's.

Anyway, we got 15 minutes of his intensity and it was a highlight of that event. We got to circle back when he came to the Tom Ferry Philly Team+ Event and shared on October 2, 2017. An event I'll always cherish as Jason shared strategies on stage and he rocked it.

Jon opened up by sharing a story from the night before about his daughter, Lexie, who was in the Las Vegas massacre the night before. THE NIGHT BEFORE. I think he said he was on his flight when it happened and when he landed he had voicemails from her. A voicemail about a shooting, someone she was with was shot, her defibrillator was alarming and it was chaos. As he shared this intimate story, I listened, by my mind drifted and kept racing to how is he standing here and telling us this?? How would I have handled this? I don't remember all of the details but I do remember thinking how committed he was to still being there, to sharing his intentions, his story, his life, and his purpose. He is so humble and so generous and it is so apparent by his heart.

Cheplak's jam is commitment. He doesn't play with interested. Every post, every comment, every story and photo he shares is loaded with intention, heart, and commitment. AND I LOVE IT. It exhilarates me. It fills me with wonder and rejuvenates my heart.

Jon's circle is pretty big and getting bigger and so are his commitments, but it's not diluted, if anything it's more potent. He is committed to a big life that is full of committed people, having fun, travel and his family. I'm sure there is so much more to Jon, but that is what you see when you see Jon. He is truly inspiring and he really wants his circle to win. There is something about seeing successful people legit cheering on the crowd and earnestly wanting good for them.

If you want to grow, find a mentor or 3. Read lots of books. Find and connect with people like Jon. Grow your circle with intention and fill it with committed people.

I am so excited to have Jon on the stage at IMPACT Agent University Conference in April 2019.

For more information about this life changing event and how to secure a ticket to hang out with lots and lots of badasses, visit us here: and COMMIT to being a learner in 2019.

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