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Clean slate.

What excites you more: The end of the year or the beginning of the new year? 

Let me tell you what I brand new planner. Every year I get excited about what my year will hold, my dreams, plans, goals, intentions, and the empty pages that I get to fill with life, love, dates, girls nights, conferences, travel, birthdays and closings. I am a written planner girl. You will rarely get a yes from me without me consulting my calendar. The few times that I have, tonight actually, I had to reschedule. I know better. Sometimes I act like I’m not busy and can just say yes. Coordinating all of our schedules is starting to get complicated. The clean pages rejuvenate me!! FRESH START. I got sucked into the planner orbit this year, bought a pricey one and hate it. I like my $15 blue sky planner. It does the job, lasts the whole year, and is the perfect size for what I need and how I roll. Don't get caught up in all the fancies. Keep it simple, stay organized and have what you need. And of course, enjoy looking at it. 

This clean slate is a mental and physical fresh start. It’s like being the "new kid". No one knows who you are and if you are dissatisfied with the results of the 2018 calendar, you get to rewrite you and set a new direction of your future and your year.  Every New Year I love the excitement of what the year will bring and what I will accomplish in the next 12 months. Does that excite you? It should!! 

One of the things I love about ending the year is the annual review. I have secret code all throughout my planner about what was planned, kept, cancelled, important dates, etc. I love to scroll through and see what I did and didn’t do. It helps me set my goals and intentions for the next year. It’s also let’s me see all the yes’s, the yes’s that turned into no’s, and things that never even made it onto the pages. It's my opportunity for personal inventory- how many lunches did I surprise my kids for, how many date nights, bible studies, lunches with friends, conferences, volunteer hours, opportunities to serve at my church- what did I do?

The first things that goes on my calendar are birthdays. Tonight, I wrote “Cooper 13!” Wait. WHAT!?! Gosh, 2019 is going to be a new season for us. I am excited for the newness and new season we are approaching. After birthdays come vacations. Jason and I are dedicated to living intentionally with our kids. We lead busy careers and it’s so important to us to clock out, unwind and focus on our tribe. Travel excite us all. We love the quality time together, we love to adventure and see new places.  Oh, the places we will go! I can’t wait to add some amazing adventures to the books for 2019! We want to plan an epic summer vacation this year! Passports required. 

My intentions for 2019:

1. Pursue God.

2. Attend 3 conferences.

3.  Host an amazing IMPACT Agent conference (

4. Consistent date nights with my boo (Thursdays for life).

5. Write 52 blogs.

6. Say “no” more and yes less.

7. $40M in Mortgage origination (

8. Miracle morning -EVERY MORNING (devotion/bible study, read, write, set goals/intentions).

9. Run a 5K without stopping 

10. Stay committed to health (work out 5X per week & eat real food). 

11. 3 epic family vacations. 

12. Unload what is holding me back.

13. Be a better friend. 

14. Live all in. 

15. Fall in love with the process.

I hope that during this crazy week when you don’t know what day it is that you’ll spend time in your clean slate planner and set your annual intentions and reflect on last years. 

Wishing you and yours a spectacular 2019. 

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