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Alignment is a real issue for so many of us. We say one thing, do another, believe another. Getting your words, actions and thoughts aligned takes W.O.R.K. I mean it, work. My heart believes me when I think about alignment but my brain, that sneaky sucker is always the first to help me break a promise to myself. Side note, I am the first one that I break promises too. ew.

I laid out my intentions in a previous blog post so I won't bore you with them again. Personal growth is my focus. I don't even want to limit myself to 2019 with this one, I think personal growth is forever. It will always be on the list. I wanted to share a few strategies I deploy to coordinate my life in a way that makes my intentions achievable. I've also attached photos.

Bluetooth waterproof speaker: I put mine in the shower. It has a suction cup and all. It's pretty fancy. I think this is the 3rd one I've purchased and I like this one. Here is the link to buy it:

I put on my podcast while I shower/get ready. This is an objection handler for those of us crippled with "I don't have time". You are right, you don't. MAKE TIME. If you do more productive things in the shower, then go you.

We also have reminders in our shower. We have that real fancy "cultured" marble shower and the speaker sticks to it perfectly and so does dry erase marker. Another side note- this is not for perfectionists. If dry erase marker writing in your shower will make you cray, just say no or get over it. Normally this would be something that got on my nerves, but I really love it. Jason wrote these in our shower and every morning it is a reminder to start my day with prayer, affirmations, and gratitude. I've been going through it lately and these put me on notice everyday to suck it up. It also reminds me what an amazing man I have. He wants to do better, be better, raise all the boats in reach. He pushes me to that too.

So when you are feeling like you don't have time to be a better you, find your net time. Use your drive time, shower time, and get up earlier and find more time to do what makes your soul flourish.

Peace and Love.

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