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Bucket List.

Jason wrote out his bucket list as homework for a coaching assignment. I thought it was such a thoughtful way to start a relationship with a new coach! I asked him to share it with me and he did. I didn't know what to expect when I read it...but I loved it! I giggled, I dreamed, I laughed, I cried, and I prayed for him. Thinking about the top 101 things you want to accomplish in your life is really fun. If you aren't dreaming about these things, you need to be and make sure you are sharing them with someone who loves you.

I didn't plan on sharing mine, but I decided I would share to encourage you to write yours out, dream the dream, put it on paper, give it to your person. Here are mine and they are in no particular order! I did delete a few that are goals of mine but are about other people in my life.

One of my new favorite mentors, Craig Ballantyne reminds us that "Action beats anxiety." If you really think about the situations that brought you into an anxious state and got real with yourself about how to resolve it, it's usually action in some way. If action or money fixes it, it's not really a problem.

There is a guarantee that you will not get where you want to be in life if you don't have a clear path to where that is. Map it out friends. Write it down. Do the work. Show up for yourself.

  1. Be able to do a handstand

  2. Learn to speak Spanish

  3. Learn to not care what others think

  4. Live in California

  5. Travel for a month every summer

  6. Learn to dance

  7. Be confident in my skin

  8. Lose 30 lbs.

  9. not want to eat unhealthy food

  10. Hear god audibly

  11. Love like Jesus

  12. Meet Bob Goff

  13. Be a respected/read blogger

  14. Be a life coach

  15. Deliver coherent messages to women

  16. Have an extraordinary marriage

  17. Learn to surf

  18. Skydive

  19. Love running

  20. Be a great friend

  21. Meet Rachel Hollis

  22. Speak life to women

  23. Be an encourager in all I do

  24. Win presidents club trip

  25. Visit Italy

  26. Experience whale season in Maui

  27. Adopt a child

  28. Parent outside the box

  29. Teach my kids grace

  30. Love unconditionally

  31. Learn to play an instrument. Guitar.

  32. Learn how to sail

  33. Spend a month in Greece

  34. Learn how to play chess

  35. Write a book

  36. Live a 1 for 1 life

  37. Watch sunsets from my porch every night

  38. Hire an assistant for kids/house/life

  39. Hire a chef

  40. Run a half Marathon

  41. Top 10 loan officer at MM

  42. Market leader in California

  43. Save a life

  44. Donate $250K annually

  45. Make $1M per year

  46. Mission trip as a family

  47. Lead a family to Christ

  48. See the 7 wonders of the world

  49. Climb a mountain

  50. Jump off a cliff

  51. See the northern lights

  52. Unplug completely for 1 week per year

  53. Run 3 miles without stopping

  54. Create something life changing

  55. Become a chemical free family

  56. Swim with a shark

  57. See killer whales in person in nature

  58. Go lobstering in Key west

  59. Marry jason again

  60. Own a mountain house/ski cabin

  61. Buy a waterfront house/condo

  62. Sail the Virgin Islands

  63. Swim with pigs

  64. 2 weeks in Maldives

  65. Own food truck

  66. Create beautiful spaces

  67. Date night in Paris

  68. See Mumford & sons in Ireland

  69. See a concert at red rocks

  70. Go to the Olympics

  71. See my kids find their passion

  72. Be THE role model to Cami

  73. See Cooper flourish

  74. See both (+1)of my kids get married

  75. Be a grandma

  76. Fly on a private plane- at sunrise

  77. Write a book forward for someone I love

  78. Build a house

  79. Go to a Yankees game

  80. Go to Fenway park

  81. Buy a boat

  82. Visit the Amalfi coast

  83. Train in yoga

  84. $10M retirement account

  85. Visit every continent

  86. Spend a summer in a camper traveling

  87. Have a white Christmas

  88. Have a weekly date night for the rest of my life

  89. Keep my man insanely happy

  90. Walk on fire

  91. Go to the thanksgiving day parade in NYC

  92. Help restore a marriage

  93. Encounter world peace

  94. Master meditation

  95. Help/minister to kids

  96. Live authentically

Peace and Love, Friends.

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