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motivation < grind.

At the beginning of each year we share our intentions. I have noticed that they usually start with the things you absolutely sucked at the year before or completely skipped for a whole year. And I wonder, why do we skip and suck at things for an entire year? Why does one bad day get to lead the way to a path of self destruction for another 364 days? Why do we do this? Why does one bad choice have the power to suck the life out of us for the remainder of a year. Why is it so hard to get back up?

How long does a crappy yesterday get to control your today? For reals. HOW LONG? How many times are we going to wake up to a fresh hell from the choice of yesterday. How long are we going to allow the self loathing to continue? Action beats anxiety, right? The only way to get past it is to go through it.

But, what is it? What’s THE thing. For me, the stress of the self proclaimed “lack of motivation” holds me back. The more I think about motivation the more I realize that motivation is not what actually makes you do the thing. Motivation is the mindset that to KNOW that all the things are the things that get you to the better you. The grind is actually doing it. And the grit, it’s doing it with no apologies.

So while we are busy chasing motivation, chase the grind and the grit instead and work on your mindset everyday. Take action. Do the work. Find the win. I bet that motivation shows up. It’s easy to be motivated to do the work when we have seen the activities work. Action beats anxiety, remember?

It’s easy to not eat sugar when you’ve lost weight and feel better from not eating it.

It’s easy to run the race when you’ve been training.

It’s easy to make the calls because you know they are a path to financial freedom.

Isn’t it ironic how “easy” life becomes when you do the hard work? Don’t let your brain beat you. I know we have what it takes to do the activity. Just start. Do it scared. Don’t suck for 1 day then spend 364 self loathing over that single choice. We know better. We do better.

Remember, the only way to get past it is to go through it.

Peace and Love.

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