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Today I was asked to share what I have been up to at the JWRE mid year company event. I got to share a little bit of mortgage information and then I shared what I’ve really been up to. Growin’. 

Focusing on being a better me takes priority. I love learning. I love listening to podcasts. I love hanging out with people who challenge me. I love reading. I love pushing. 

These are my top 5 life lessons I’ve ingested over the past few months that have all really connected to my heart. I hope you’ll ingest AND digest these too. 

1. You must be present to win. Be where your feet are. Be present. In the end, people are the prize, not your career. You all have the opportunity to use your career to win all the prizes. 

2. The more you gain by pretending, the less you actually have. Be you. Everyone else is taken. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and I pray that whatever that means for you, that you embrace it and love you. 

3. The truth is everyone is going to die, and very few of us will ever choose to live. You have everything you need to create a life worth living. All you need is choice and you all have that. Choose wisely. Choose living. Choose full tilt. 

4. The less you have to say, the louder you shout it. Your words are forever, use them for good. Be a beacon of light. Be positive. Kind hearts are stronger than sharp elbows. 

5. Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm. Don’t hang out in the valley with your friends. We all experience the valley, but theirs is not yours. Stand on your mountain top and reach out a hand to pull them up.  

Always hustle. 

Mama D 

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