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From the beginning of life people speak words over us that we let in as our identity, even before we can understand the meaning of the words. Many times it's merely one piece of us that we end up with as who we are.

He is homeless.

She is fat.

He is lazy.

She is crazy.

He isn't going to amount to anything.

She wants too much for her life.


Most of our first words were NO. Our parents/caretakers/siblings taught us that word to protect us, to keep us from getting hurt, climbing on the back of the couch, grabbing for dangerous things, running in a parking lot. Things that they knew were wrong or dangerous and what they could protect us from. What if our first word was YES. What does that life look like? What if our lives were focused on what to do instead of what not to do? It isn't possible to live life full tilt avoiding failure everyday. And that's exactly how we all grew up. A constant stream of "no-no".

Reprogramming can be easy- you just do it & believe it but we make it so much more complicated. What will they think, what if they don't like the new me, what if i fail? So we set ourselves on fire to keep everyone else warm. We do the typical. We tell ourselves we aren't worthy of unreasonable possibilities. We narrate the story of mediocrity and we accept a life of average. Listen, I am not preaching. I am talking to MYSELF. But I also know there are people who share a similar narration.

What does your real identity look like and sound like? The one that is really who you are not who "they" say you are. The thoughts and words that describe you, not peoples perception of you?

Until we change the narration in our heads, the story stays the same. I want to challenge you to narrate your identity. Put it on paper. Put it with your bucket list that I challenged you to in a previous post (Bucket List).

I am going to be vulnerable and share mine because you have to be a little scared to be brave and I am brave.

I am Diana. I am worthy of an extraordinary life that I live full tilt. I live for an audience of one. I am an amazing wife. I am a loving and approachable Mom. I am healthy. I am brave and courageous. I am humble, kind and strong. I am an example of how to be completely unreasonable. I am full of faith. I am loved & cherished by my husband. I always give grace and I love to give it. I am capable of everything. I embrace my spark of madness. I have a servant heart and enjoy using my talents to serve people. I love to say yes. I embrace my whimsy. I am shenanigans focused. I am confident about my appearance. I have a tribe of friends who fan my flames. I am where my feet are. I live and love full tilt.

When you write this if there is a negative conversation going on in your head, I want to challenge you to do the work. I definitely had a few shifts as I wrote this, as I wrote all positive things about myself. Because THAT is my new narration. That is who I am. And what I focus on expands, so I focus only on the positive.

Always Hustle.


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