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  • Diana M. Will

the I in team.

We all know the old quote, there is no I in team, right? It's a lie. A lie from the devil. 

Just returned from a leadership conference...[do you see a common thread with me?] This one was intense, it was serious, it was uncomfortable and I played ALL IN. I got out of my comfort zone, I failed, I accepted feedforward, I shared and I listened. I took away so much from this meaningful and impactful weekend. It was a weekend that I really craved and knew it would be the accountability and teachings to catapult a heart and head change.

 The biggest takeaway is that there IS an I in team. What you do is important. Who you are is important. The choices you make matter. Who has your back matters. Whose back you have matters too. How you show up matters. It only takes one person on the team to not be committed for the team to not hit a collective goal.  Understanding this reality will awaken a conversation different than before. It will also help you understand that self protection isn't selfish. It's self love and it's strong. And it's okay. Not only is doing what's best for you ok, it's needed. You can't give away what you don't possess. 

We had 2 of our members leave the team early and it was heartbreaking to see them go early and you know what? Our team was stronger. We truly trusted each other. We could all feel the lack of all in and  not one of us said a thing until our coach called it out...he saw it and he saw us allowing the I's on our team hold us back. That was really a monumental moment for me. I realized that up until now, I've done that a lot. I let the I's slide at my expense. Where else is that showing up in my life? Where else do I let things slide? Where else am I not playing all in? Ouch. Y'all. Ouch. 

Every experience and every interaction has intention. I am committed to intentional. Relationships. Work. Travel. Quality time. Learning opportunities. Friendships. Morning routine. Influence. I am also committed to being the best I on my team that I can be and being on a team with people who will also committed to being the best I they can be. 

I am excited to share this experience with people I love. If you are craving an experience, let me know.

I'd also like to shout out to #244. My experience was beautiful because you all showed up for yourselves too. Our team has impact, influence, and heart and I'm so proud to have this experience with each one of you. 

Shine on! 


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