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It's that time of year again when most people fall off the wagon as quickly as they got on. Every single year prior to 2020 that’s been me. Trying, failing, trying something new, failing, again and again and again. As a woman, it really starts to wear on you…the negative self talk gets pretty loud and you spend the next 11 months calling yourself a failure. Who else plays that nasty game?

This year Jason said he wanted to try something new and I am so happy that we did and that we are in it together. In my head, “we eat healthy” but when I had the opportunity to utilize new resources I realized just how off the rails we’ve been! I mean it…OFF THE RAILS. And it showed.

We were so uncomfortable that we didn’t even want to wait until the typical "New Year Resolution" so we started the day after we got home from vacation. Fast forward 4 weeks and I am down a little over 20 lbs and I feel great and have so much more clarity, focus, energy! I truly feel like these resources were such a gift and it’s such an easy plan to follow and such a great way to create healthy habits to carry with you on along the journey.

My goals are simple. I just want to help some of my girl gang feel better too! I believe so much in a sisterhood and sometimes we have to pull each other, sometimes we have to do some pushing but we always have to be there for each other to love, empower and encourage each other. That’s my goal, that’s why I’ve decided to be a coach- along with accountability of not wanting to be here again. I want to feel sexy, healthy and have a clear mind. I want to look at food as a fuel and not entertainment and I want to be armed with healthy habits that are unbreakable.

If you find yourself living in my paragraph 1 I want to talk to you. I want to share this path and success with you. I want you to achieve your goals and selfishly, I want to be a part of it because I love strong women!

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