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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I've been thinking a lot about intention, hustle, and busyness. Life is busy. If I am not intentional and careful my calendar will fill up with nonsense before I schedule the important things. And that is not living. That is not a life by design. That's reacting to everyone else's agenda. That's a no-no y'all.

We did a thing last weekend while on our way home from Nashville, TN for a quick conference. We bought a camper. We've never really camped and certainly never pulled a 6,600 lb camper down I-65 on college campus move in day but we made it. There was only one instance during set up where I said "listen" and we spent out first night in our intentional home away from home at University station in Auburn, AL where we plan to spend football season with some friends, our kids and our best girls Nola & Stella.

I've been reminded through several devotions lately about busyness and rest. I am reminded that the Lord gave us the sabbath for a reason. He knew we needed rest, that we would be weary and busy. The enemy wants us busy...too busy for rest and the Lord. Now, this isn't justification for a camper purchase [😜😂] but a reminder that sometimes you need a vehicle for intention. It's OK to have the thing.

We will have our first teenager this year. Y'all I see the things coming like a freight train. The lack of sense and complete unawareness of surroundings so just be in prayer for my sanity. There were tears today about a red camping chairs at the Walmarts. Did you hear me? Tears. Chair. Walmart. Sunday. 😳The tears weren't mine. Sister got the same chair he did. I've told you the outcome. Prayers upon Prayers.

Teenage life isn't for the faint of heart. The good news is that most of us make it. I see mom's of 15-16 year old kids that still have their hair and their kid is alive so there's that. May the Lord bless us and keep us.

If you are thinking about a thing, [boat, camper, pool, condo, vacation home] I encourage you to do the thing. Invest in your family. Make the time because if you are looking to "find" the time, you won't. You find everything you look for...everything. Let those words resonate for a few.

May our little slice of intention bring rest, calmness, familial understanding, grace, fun, bulldog snugs and some new friends. But most of all, may it bring us closer to each other and the Lord.

Shine On!


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